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The Burgh in Free Barony of Strathaven

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The History of Strathaven Castle

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The Town of Strathaven, Lanarkshire, Scotland was Granted a Royal Charter by King James the Second on the 23rd of April in the year 1450.

Strathaven is a medium sized town lying in the Avon Valley. The town itself sits in a natural bowl, created by the Powmillon Burn over thousands of years. There are no official records of when the first inhabitants came to Avondale. It is generally accepted that between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago, people from Europe started to colonise Scotland, so it is thought this is how the now busy town started, all those years ago as a little farming settlement with a chapel (St Mary’s Chapel). Today, the ruins of the old castle, tower over Strathaven as a reminder of its proud history, and indeed its importance as the head of the very powerful barony of Avondale. A bustling road passes through the town and around 7,000 people have called it home. Now, there is such a demand for housing that Strathaven is a prime site for developers, not just for housing, Sainsbury’s have started work on a new store to the west of the town. Strathaven have made it to the finals of Scotland in Bloom on a number of occasions, when this year’ results are announcements are announced, they will be displayed here, at www.strathavencastle.t83.net!

Introduction to Strathaven

A new Era is Born

In 1450, the powerful Douglas family held the barony of Strathaven. The Baron got King James the Second to grant a royal charter to the town.The charter was very important to the town as Strathaven became a market town soon after, which it was untill last year, when the market closed.

Burned, Ransacked and Reduced to Rubble

In 1455, the Douglas family were in rebellion against the Crown. The Douglas's lost there already loosing battle later that year and as punnishment, James the Second raged to Strathaven at the head of a powerful army and had Strathaven Castle Ransacked, Burned and reduced tgo rubble along with various other Douglas Strongholds. This was tragic to the town and indeed the Barony, as the castle was the centre of where everything happened.

The Burgh in Free Barony of Strathaven

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