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The Burgh in Free Barony of Strathaven

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The History of Strathaven Castle

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The Burgh in Free Barony of Srathaven

"James, by the Grace of God, King of the Scots, to all good men of his whole realm (both clergy and laity) greeting. Know ye that for the singular favour, regard, and affection which we bear towards our dearest cousin, William, Earl of Douglass and Annandale, Lord of Galloway and on account of his manifold, grateful and faithful services to us ward, we have made, and by theese presents, we make the Town of Strathaven, lying in the Shire of Lanark, a free Burgh in Barony. We have also granted to those who possess and inhabit the said burgh full power of selling and buying within the burgh-bounds, wines, wax, broadcloth, linen and woollen, and other goods and merchandize, with the power the power and librety of having brewers and butchers, and other artificers, in as ample a manner as concerns or belonings to the Burgh in free barony. Moreover, we have granted to the same inhabitants to have and possess in the foresaid burgh a cross and a market on Sunday every week, and a fair every year perpetually at the Festival of St Lawrence the martyr, and during the octaves of the same. The foresaid Town of Strathaven to be holden and possest in all time coming for real and free burgh, with the privileges and liberties, advantages, conveniences and easements and just pertintenets whatsoever, as well as not named as named, which respect a burgh in barony, or that can any way respect in the future, as freely, security, in all points and respects, and in like any manner as any burgh in barony in our kingdom had been freely infefted in time past. Wherefore we strictly charge and command all and singular who are interested, or may in future be interested, that they by no means counteract or any way obstruct our grant foresaid, or the premises whatever, under every penalty that may be suitable and adequate on his head; Given under our great seal at Edinburgh, the twenty-third day of the month of April in the year of our Lord One thousand four hundred and fifty, and of our reign the fourteenth."




*Thanks to the assistance of Strathaven Academy Art & Design Department in the restoration of the crest.

Here is Strathaven's Royal Charter,it was granted by king james the second in 23 rd April 1450.

restored shield 5