"Virtut - Paret - Robor"

The Burgh in Free Barony of Strathaven

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The History of Strathaven Castle

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What was the castle Like?

What the layout and interior of the castle was like is very obscure. After considerable research and photographing and compaing existing evidence with records and photographs from the last century, we can conclude that the Lowest level of the caslte contained numerous vaults and possibly strong rooms. Recent research has thrown up the question of wither at the South East of the ruins was there a similar tower to the existing one, as previously thought, or was there in fact a residential range of rectangular shape. The foundations are obscure and the remaining stonework in this part of the castle is in extremely poor condition and make it difficult to predict what the orgininal layout was like. Should a rectangular redidential range have been present,  the outline of the castle would have been as follows:

castle plan